Beiarn municipality is a beautiful slice of inland northern Norway ranging from Beiarfjorden in the north to Svartisen, 100 km to the south of Bodo. Much of the district consists of magnificent scenery with open, undulating plateaux and high, prominent mountain peaks surrounded by glaciers. Beiarn has many pristine, wild and beautiful mountain areas; one of northern Norway's best salmon rivers, numerous caves, a beautiful little canyon and the world's northernmost stave church. It is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and an exciting destination for both summer and winter and offers a great many fantastic attractions for tourists young and old!

Villmarksdagan (, held in August is an annual highlight, and Jazzcampen is a well-known event on the national and international jazz scene (

Northernmost stave church in Beiarn!
The stave church, privately owned and built by Magnus Stensland, is a scaled-down replica of the mid-13th century Gol stave church. Stensland built the church from photographs using material taken from his own forest fascinating and definitely worth seeing!

Fancy some fishing?
The river Beiarelva, one of the biggest in Nordland county, is known as an excellent salmon river. More than a thousand wild salmon and almost as many sea trout are caught each year! The Beiarelva is very well suited for fly-fishing; and the fish are also biting in the many mountain lakes and in the Beiarfjord!

Fancy a walk?
Yes and you are spoilt for choice in Beiarn! From a leisurely family outing in the mountains, lingering for fishing and swimming in one of the many mountain lakes (or one of the numerous lean-tos by the campfire), to a challenging hike with great views and the joys of the midnight sun. From a short evening stroll to several day trips in Svartisen National Park, where a number of DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) cabins are available, some with keep-fit facilities ... there are no limits!

Fancy a cycling trip?
The tourist information office rents bicycles at Storjord. Go for a spin along the beautiful Beiardalen down to the fjord. Perhaps you fancy freshly baked waffles and a cup of coffee at Kaffen Eftl in Tvervika? Countless options for excursions in this beautiful, pristine natural environment for young and old.

Fancy some skiing?
The peaks deep in Beiardalen, Kamtind, Stormyrtind, Leiråtind or Skjelåtind offers great challenging excursion with a fantastic run down new snow. Vestvatn Alpinanlegg skiing resort, just 20 minutes' drive from Beiarn, is waiting for you! We also have lighted trails that you can enjoy in the evening!

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