Osterøy Museum

osterøy MuseumThe island of Osterøy is rather special, all surrounded by the fjords Osterfjorden, Sørfjorden and Veafjorden. The nature on the island varies from high mountains and narrow fjords on the east side, to “mild” landscape with farmland on the west side. Rich possibilities for fishing and hiking. You can travel to Osterøy both by bridge and by ferry.

Osterøy museum was founded in 1920. The museum is situated in a beautiful landscape on the island of Osterøy, less than an hour north of Bergen. Open air museum with houses from 1650s to 1920s, showing the way of living in the rural villages north of Bergen. Modern building with exhibitions dedicated to the fjord culture, with particular emphasis on local arts, crafts and small scale industry, and specially the use of juniper and folk costumes.

In connection with the museum there is a hiking trail through old cultural landscape with prehistoric grave mounds and varied traces of past and present farming activities. Coffee/tea and local baked goods are served if prearranged, NOK 50. Museum shop with local handcrafts.

Connected museums/activities in Osterøy: Havråtunet, an old cluster farm, Hamre kyrkje – a timber built church from early 1600, Bullahuset - one of the homes of the composer Ole Bull and Mjøsvågen - A bay i Hosanger with several historical sites.

Osterøy Museum

Osterøy Museum
NO-5282 Lonevåg
Tel: +47 5619 3440
Fax: +47 5619 3441
Opening hrs:
Oct-May: Tue-Fri 10-15
June-Sept: Tue-Fri: 10-15
Sunday 12-17
July: Tue-Fri 10-17 Saturday closed
All year
Adults NOK 50, Children free
Open air museum
35 min from Bergen
4 km from Lonevaag
Hordaland, Western Norway