Telemark Museum

Telemark Museum Telemark Museum Telemark Museum
Telemark Museum is made up of nine museums in lower Telemark. Telemark is often referred to as a miniature Norway, and through our exhibitions you may experience both Norway`s agricultural and coastal history. Our museums cover a large number of topics through a wide range of styles of presentation, and are very much worth a visit.

Playwright Henrik Ibsen was born in Skien, the county capital. His childhood home at Venstøp is today a modern museum, dedicated to his world famous works and his early years.

In Skien you will also find the estate Søndre Brekke Gård, surrounded by a beautiful park, exhibitions and an outdoor museum.

In Porsgrunn you will find DuVerden, which is a new shipping – and science centre. Please see:

Brevik Bymuseum is housed in the old City hall. Here you can learn about the history of occupation and the sea hero Cort Adeler. Open Saturdays in July.

Bamble museum is located right on the waters edge in Langesund. The museum tells the story of our fishing traditions and the story about Langesund mekaniske verksted.

Kittelsenhuset – Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914) is one of Norway’s foremost beloved artists. This year we mark the centennial of Kittelsen’s passing, by unveiling an exhibition of sketches drawn by Kittelsen while in Kragerø.

Ulefos Hovedgaard is a real mansion, unique in a Norwegian context, built by Niels Aall. In the summer of 2014 we are presenting a jewellery exhibition at Ulefos Hovedgaard.

Bø Museum is a traditional museum with traditional music and national costumes.

You are very welcome to come and visit all of our museums. We look forward to see you!

Telemark Museum Telemark Museum Telemark Museum
Telemark Museum
Øvregate 41, NO-3715 Skien
Tel: +47 3554 4500
Opening hrs:
Brekkeparken and Henrik Ibsen Museum 11-17 each day The other museums 12-17 Monday closed at these museums
Brekkeparken and Henrik Ibsen Museum, Skien 1. June-10. Aug The other museums 21. June-10. August
Adults Nok 70,- Children 30,- Family 150,- (2a + 3c)
Bø, Ulefoss, Skien, Porsgrunn,Brevik, Bamble, Kragerø