69 Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center
69 Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center

69 Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center

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About us

69 Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center offers a choice of exclusive adventures with 75’ sailing boat, sailing kayaks (Hobie hybrids kayaks), Stand Up Paddle, bikes and multi-sports activities right in the middle of the beautiful Troms’s wild coast and its calm & turquoise water. Touring & sailing kayaks, SUP and bikes can be rented. Beginners sailing courses occurs all over the summer season.

Sailing Hobie kayaks are appreciated for their versatile qualities, navigation abilities, autonomy, stability, safety, comfort of a sit-on-top and carrying capacity without forgetting the pleasure of gliding along and watching the fauna. They are ideal to explore the fjords. Kayakers can share the activity with someone who does not dare to embark on a traditional kayak due to the lack of experience. The enjoyment of being very close to water level remains the same.

69NORD was created in 2002 by the French navigator Olivier Pitras. His 35 years experience dedicated to sailing expedition and outdoor tourism mainly in polar areas is the guarantee to make your stay successful and unique.

Our offers are for individuals, groups, families (children accepted from 12 years old) or corporate clients and span from sailing trips and multisports trips to the organisation of team building sessions, lectures or consultancy for events related to sailing activities and polar expeditions.

Welcome onboard for a prime experience north of the arctic circle !

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69 Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center

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69 Nord Sommarøy Outdoor Center

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