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About us

Just southeast of Hinnøya - in the corner of Norway’s largest island - you will find Lødingen. AdventureLand will help all our guest out in the great and beautiful nature Lødingen has to offer.

The view is 100% authentic

In the summer we have a cosy and beautiful coastline, with amazingly white beaches. In the long polar winter we live our life on the greatest place on earth. We can almost give a 100% warranty on spot-ting sea eagles, reindeer and elk. There is also opportunities to see the killer whale, out in Vestfjorden. And, please, do not forget the almost supernatural nature.

• AdventureLand Lødingen offers a wide range of outdoor adventures trough all seasons. Our office is located in Lødingen centrum. Lødingen is close to airport Close to Lofoten, Vesterålen and Harstad. Good opportunities for public transportation
• AdventureLand Lødingen aims to solve any demand from our customers, from the individual traveler to business groups.
• When you join AdventureLand Lødingen for an adventure you can leave your worries behind you. We have a high awareness of safety, close monitoring of our operations and not at least, a strong engagement to make sure that you have a experience you will remember.
• Our guides will make sure that all activities are done in accordance with our guidelines, for your safety and to keep the impact on the unique nature in Lødingen on a minimum.
• Contact us. If you are looking for a custom-made itinerary in our area, you have come to the right place. We would be happy to accommodate you in creating the perfect stay for you and your companions.

Mountain hike with snowshoes

Many different route options.

Choose between 3-4 hours and 6-7 hours trips in the beautiful local area.
Several small mountains to climb, such as Boya, Kvammetind, Kåringen, Gammdalen and Eide. None of these options are too demanding and will suit most anyone regardless of previous experience.

Fishing on the waterfront
Half day: 3-4 hours
Whole day: 6-7 hours
Fishing trip from land in one of our many gorgeous fjords. Learning to, and fishing with a rod in the ocean, while the potatoes are being cooked on a bed of seaweed.

Sledging/Snow play
3-4 hrs activities and playing in the ski games facility. We will provide thermal suits, sledges, miniature skis, and other equipment for playing in the snow. You need warm shoes and warm underwear. This trip can also be combined with a trip to an indoor local swimming pool with sauna

Rock carving hike (Petroglyphs)
A hike to our fabulous petroglyphs out on Nes. An easy hike for everyone regardless of shape and experience. We like to take the hike in the evening/night, so we can enjoy the midnight sun.

Bike rental
Hire a bike and see a lot more of Lødingen in a shorter time than on foot! It is the perfect way to experience the charming areas of Lødingen. When you hire a bike, you also get a helmet, lock, map, tools and a bag. The map contains the highlights of the charming Lødingen.

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