Amazing Arctic Tours
Amazing Arctic Tours
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About us

Join us to get your dreams become true

We are a Tromsø based guiding company providing Northern lights tour and arctic landscape tours in small groups. We try making everything posssible to provide you a memorable Northern lights and arctic experience with personal feeling, away from large scale tourism industry with large and crowded groups. Our minivans have 9 seats to carry maximum 8 costumers.

Our drivers and guides have been experienced in guiding for  years, and speaking English, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Urdu etc.

It’s our highest goal to give you the ultimate experience of the northern lights that makes your dreams become true.

Our slogan is, Let us make it possible!

Our Tours

Amazing Aurora tours

Aurora borealis or “The northern lights” are one of the most beautiful phenomenons in the nature the mankind has ever experienced, a beautiful game between cosmos and the earth. The “dancing lights” shooting in to the atmosphere seems to be like a cosmic message to us on the earth. It appears they want to give us a taste of the beauty of the wide cosmos which is not easy to experience to us on the earth.

Join our tour and experience this amazing phenomenon, the incredible “dancing green lights”.

Our team consists of experienced tour guides who know the best places in the region to hunt the northern lights. They will locate the best places to catch the northern lights and track the best possible observation points for you to experience this one in life time experience.

They will feel the pleasure to drive you in the night, and if necessary don’t shy to drive many hours to get your dreams come true.

We will pick you up from your hotels on Tromsø island between 17:45-18:00 (at 18:45 from 21.03 to 31.09) and our tours starts in the front of Tourist Shop Tromsø (white house), Kirkegata 2, 9008 Tromsø in the Tromsø city center at 18:00, (from 21st March to 31st September departure at 19:00) and we will bring you back to the same place after the tour. The duration of the tour is about 5-8 hours

Amazing arctic landscape tour

The norwegian coastal landscape is one of the most amazing natural beauties we can find. The coastal areas in northern Norway are more attracting because of its arctic character The beautiful snow-capped hills, islands, top of mountains, the see side with it’s the arctic breeze will give you the ultimate feeling of arctic adventure. And when you feel the pure and clean air in this region which is guaranteed free of smog and smoke, you will never forget this once in life time experience.

In this tour we will take you through the very beautiful route from Tromsø island to the beautiful island of Sommarøy and Hillesøy. At the destination you will see the ocean, the Norwegian Sea. We will give you many stops on the way, and you will have several and good chances to experience many breathtaking views from incredible places. In this region are living wild reindeers, which are used to seeing tourists. If you are lucky, you may come closer to them and try to feed or to touch them.

Start of our tour 10:00 am in the front of  Tromsø Tourist Shop (white house) , Kirkegata 2, 9008 Tromsø in the Tromsø city center.

End of our tour is around 14:00 pm at our starting point

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Amazing Arctic Tours

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