Arctic Adventures
Arctic Adventures
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About us

Small, exclusive groups!

Arctic Adventures, a small, flexible tour operator, is owned and run by Jens Abild who has been an expedition leader in The Antarctic and Arctic since the early nineties.

Our aim is to give you a unique experience in an authentic, safe and relaxed atmosphere. Therefore you will be a part of a small exclusive group when you participate in our tours. For your comfort and safety we have only six skidoos with guests on our skidootrips.

We are also happy to make special arrangements for small or bigger groups on request.

We arrange photo safaris and expedition cruises with only 12 participants and we also offer reasonable accomodation.

Arctic Adventures has the pleasure to offer the following

  • Dogsledding, day excursions and expeditions
  • Skidoo, day excursions and expeditions
  • Skimountaneering, day excursions and expeditions
  • Crosscountry skiing, day excursions and expeditions
  • Logistics for filmteams and photographers
  • Glacierhikes, day excursions and expeditions
  • Trekking, day excursions and expeditions
  • Accommodation

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Arctic Adventures

What we offer

Arctic Adventures

Dog sledding
Wildlife Safari
Alpine skiing
Cross country skiing
Guest house
Ice climbing
Northern Lights

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