Arctic Camp Brattli
Arctic Camp Brattli
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About us


Adventures in the Arctic, bikes and hikes. Aurora in winter, midnight sun in summer.

Who we are

Arctic Camp Brattli AS was founded in 2019. We provide outdoor adventure with activities, healthy food and silence. Great nature surrounds us in the fresh polar air. We’d like the group to experience nature and the area around us, by being present in the activities and get enough food and rest after the rides. The camp will always provide 2 % of the profit to charity, to the organization our board every year decide. Organizations we like is Red Cross, Forut, Amnesty International and Medecins Sans Frontiers                    


The Cabin was finished in 2017 and has two living rooms, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, bathroom with showers and water closet. There is a sauna to enjoy after a long day out in the snow, and there is of course hot water and electricity. Two guests of same gender in every bedroom.                    


We’d like to introduce you to Norwegian food, that can easily be made on the camp fire or in the kitchen. We make the meals together, which will be healty and well balanced to the activities on the camp. Before you travel, we’ll email you a request regarding consideration about your diet.                    


You bring your own clothes and shoes to the camp. You can rent a bike from us on the summer camps. In the winter camps the fatbike and snowshoes are included.                    

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Arctic Camp Brattli

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Arctic Camp Brattli

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