Arctic Expedition Svalbard
Arctic Expedition Svalbard

Arctic Expedition Svalbard

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SvalbardCruise to Barentsburg and Pyramiden with MS Aurora Explorer
Duringthe summer we find our home in the Norwegian High Arctic in Spitsbergen, wherewe provide daily sightseeing tours in Isfjord. This fjord is one of the largestfjords in the archipelago, rich with scenic landscape: glaciers, characteristiclayered and flat-topped mountains, bird life and cultural remains from all ofSvalbard’s historic eras. From end of May to mid-September.

Sightseeing Isfjorden and Billefjorden with MS Strønstad
There is a lot to see outside of Longyearbyen. We sail every other day to Billefjord andPyramiden, and to Isfjorden andBarentsburg, from end of September to end of October. Join us for a sightseeingin this beautiful arctic fjord, see the glaciers, the wildlife, and visit thesettlements in Isfjorden. Andwhy not enjoy a dip in the Jacuzzi on our way back? From mid-September to endof October.

Explore Svalbard

Join a once-in-a-lifetime adventure inone of the world's most remote wildernesses! On board the small ship M/SQuest we have plenty of time for grand nature experiences and wildlifeencounters. In June and July midnight sun reigns supreme and the purplesaxifrage decorates the slopes. The whales are increasing in numbers and inAugust the ice is slowly starting to loosen its grip, which offers goodopportunities to explore the seldom visited eastern parts of the archipelago.

A once-in-a-lifetime adventure

Private tour Svalbard

We also arrange private boat charters onSvalbard, fulfilling dreams of experiencing different parts of the Arctic. Wehave different programs we can suggest, ex a town-to-town cruise, or a trip upto 80 degrees North.

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Arctic Expedition Svalbard

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Arctic Expedition Svalbard

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