Arctic Expedition Lofoten
Arctic Expedition Lofoten
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Hike & Bike by Boat – Lofoten

This is your opportunity to experience Lofoten, combine an active holiday biking and hiking, with a cruise on the expedition vessel MV Strønstad. The boat has cabins for 16 people and saloons for 40, so there is a lot of space, also we have Jacuzzi and Sauna for «after-bike». We wish to have a focus on the environment, and not leaving a print. In addition to using bike and our legs to get around, we will also arrange one day cleaning a beach if the guests wish.  The level of activity is for the guests to decide. 5 trips, 7 days. From 22nd of June to end of July.

Ski by boat – Northern Norway

Can you hear the mountains calling? What better way to enjoy your ski holiday, than this? You eat and sleep on the boat, while we sail from mountain to mountain looking for the best place to ski, and the best weather. After a long day of skiing, we can relax in the jacuzzi, enjoying the view of the amazing scenery that is Northern Norway, while the chef prepare food onboard.

You can book a tour with captain and chef, or even with a guide from us if you don´t have one yourself in mind.
We have 3 boats we can use for this, with different capacity;
Leone will take 9-10 guests (inkl guide), Strønstad will take 16 guests, Quest will take 54 guests.
What are you waiting for? Winter is coming!

Hidden Fjords of Northern Norway – Tromsø and Lofoten

Few places can coincide with the beautiful and undiscovered hidden winter fjords of Northern Norway. The rough and mighty Alps are raising from the sea level to the highest peak are powdered with snow and blue winter light. The mysterious landscape is often illuminated by the legendary Northern Lights during clear nights. In between Tromsø, the Arctic Capital, and Lofoten, the magnificent Archipelago, there are so much you just have to see. We sail between Tromsø and Bodø, giving an amazing opportunity to experience the magnificent archipelago of Lofoten in the beautiful spring time.

Sail Northern Norway – Alta to Lofoten

We will sail from the northern lights capital; Alta, south to the famous Archipelago of Lofoten, using 1 week to make sure you see all the «must sees» of the beautiful coast of Northern Norway. We leave from Alta, and head South. Our main goal for the expedition cruise, is to see the Northern Lights, and so we will sail where the conditions are best for each day, while working our way south towards Lofoten. We will visit local villages, like Hamnes, with a uniqe and exciting history, the little town of Skjervøy, we stop by the Northern-most Whisky Distellery, and also the only glacier on the mailland Norway that erupts into the sea. We will sail in Lofoten, and enjoy the spectacular nature and learn more about the history, in Å, Reine and Svolvær.

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Arctic Expedition Lofoten

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Arctic Expedition Lofoten

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