Båtsfjord Brygge
Båtsfjord Brygge
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About us

Sea fishing facility by the Barents Sea

• Restaurant and café/pub on the facility
• Good salmon fishing opportunity in Syltefjordselva
• Photo shed for birdwatching
• Great spot to see northern lights

We welcome you to Båtsfjord and Båtsfjord Brygge. Båtsfjord is situated in eastern Finnmark on the Varanger peninsula facing the Barents Sea. The municipality boarders Vardø in the south east, Vadsø in the south, and Berlevåg and Tana in the west. Båtsfjord Brygge is a complete facility for anglers and other who wishes to experience the coast of Finnmark. The part of the Barents Sea that is closest to Finnmark is called Austhavet and it offers fantastic fishing spots; here you’ll get the opportunity to try and fish cod, halibut, redfish, haddock and plenty of other species. Båtsfjord is the biggest fishing port in Norway, and the harbor is dominated by Norwegian and Russian boats and trawlers. Båtsfjord Brygge offers rorbu’s, hotel rooms and boats for rental. We have a great maritime-based bar and restaurant which sells local food.

At our place, you can rent a boat, drive out in the sea and do your own fishing, or you can rent a local guide who will assist and do the fishing with you. From July, it’s possible to fish salmon only 15km away from Båtsfjord Brygge – in Syltefjordelva which has become a very popular river for salmon fishing. There you’ll have a 35km stretch where it’s possible to fish. You can also experience the bird mountain Stauran, one of the biggest of its kind in Norway; it is world-renowned for its vast diversity of nesting seabirds and the white-tailed eagle. The mountain is easiest accessed by boat, as the rock formations makes it difficult to observe from land. Or you can just sit in our restaurant looking out the window and experience a vibrating birdlife in the harbor.

You can join us for some king crab fishing, and even help prepare it when we arrive on land. You’ll also find a lot of great hiking trails up the mountain; a perfect place to observe the northern lights during the winter. 

At Båtsfjord Brygge you can experience the proximity to the sea and the mountain both at the same time.

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Båtsfjord Brygge

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Båtsfjord Brygge

Sea fishing
Northern Lights
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