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About us

Boreal Yachting

For over a decade, we’ve been offering our guests the perfect means to explore Northern Norway’s unique surroundings aboard our modern yachts. We are Norway’s largest sailboat charter company and our fantastic fleet of 12 yachts crosses fjords and seas for the perfect experiences, all year round.

Safe and memorable journeys

From bare boat to skippered charters, with great excitement and professionalism, we customize trips to meet our guests’ expectations. Our skippers have unique and great knowledge of the areas, sailing to the places that are absolutely “a must”, from the coast of Norway to 79 degrees North in Svalbard. High quality food is served aboard and good humor is always included. See more at:

Aurora sailing & Whale watching

Aurora Borealis is absolutely astonishing - a natural, spontaneous phenomenon with green or purple lights bursting between sky and sea, while sailing in the fjords to admire it is without a doubt one of the best experiences ever. There are so many beliefs around new beginnings in the presence of the polar lights, all holding the key to happiness, fulfillment, that one really has to give it a try. Our tours start with whale watching in the morning, sailing in Skjervøy and Lyngen region during the day, then following the mesmerizing lights in the evenings, anchored in a remote bay. For dreamlike trips, our beautiful catamaran Salina 48 “Arctic Aurora” , as well as our charming 5 cabin monohull yachts Delphia 47 or Bavaria 51 make an excellent choice. Suitable for groups of 4 to 8 persons. Link:

Ski & sail Lyngen

From February to May, we offer our guests the exclusive option of enjoying incredible Sailing&Skiing holidays in a one of a kind region: Lyngen Archipelago. With several hundred summits, it offers a variety of challenges, enabling all dedicated off-piste skiers to find their ideal track. We sail the fjords, ski the snow covered peaks and explore the rising summits - a perfect mix for an adventurous journey! Suitable for groups of 4-7 persons. Link:

Ski & sail Svalbard

Svalbard is unique not only for its breathtaking landscapes, wilderness and calving glaciers, but also for its distinctive skiing possibilities on “cold glaciers`” and untouched snow. Skiing here is surely a lifetime experience! Besides providing you with a “polar bear safe” yacht we are also offering all the safety equipment and insurances required by such a sailing endeavor. The season starts in early May and lasts until mid June. Suitable for groups between 4 and 7 persons.

Svalbard Summer-expeditions

Glaciers, polar bears, walruses and an amazing wildlife is waiting for you! You can’t come closer to the real raw nature. Svalbard has a long history of whaling and hunting and has always had a very important political role between the lands of the North so you will find all sorts of interesting stories around these island. There are almost twice as many polar bears as people, and you will find walruses, foxes and much more animal life during your stay. We visit historical places and experience nature at its wildest sailing between glaciers and enormous floating icebergs. Suitable for groups between 4 to 6 persons. Link:

We care

We are a part of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO) with the main goal to preserve and protect the vulnerable arctic in a sustainable way. We care for the wilderness and wildlife, exploring without disturbing it. We are putting great pride and professionalism in each and every sail tour, providing all our guests with exciting, enjoyable and safe experiences.

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