Brandseth Fjellstove
Brandseth Fjellstove
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High living, low prices - amidst the beauties of nature at Vossestrand.

Brandseth Fjellstove is beautifully situated in the Brandsethdal vally at Vossestrand. Two- and- a half kilometres of good road brings you up the vally from Highway E 16. If you come by bus or train, you can call us beforehand so we can arrange transport right to Brandseth.

Brandseth Fjellstove is surrounded by a beautiful landscape with forests, fields and characteristic mountains. We are just a few kilometres from one of Norway`s most photographed sights - the view of the Nærøy valley from Stalheim. In spring, when nature comes alive in the vally, it isn`t far to the snow higher up. Lots of people plan their skiing trips for this period, because sun, snow and long days make a tempting combination. The options are many in the summer: excursions to one of the fjords, shopping trips to the town of Voss, walking tours in forests and fields. Try your luck at fishing or set your course for on of the mountain peaks in the area. In the winter season you can hitch on your cross-country skis just outside the door. You can set off on short tours or take your pick from the huge touring areas up among the mountains. And it`s only ten minutes by car to the nearest chair lift at Oppheim, or half an hour to the Alpine centre at Voss whih eight lifts and drags.

The fresh mountain air sharpens the appetite. Tasty food - often dishes with local colour - is an important aspect of what we have to offer. Brandseth Fjellstove ( the Brandseth Mountain Lodge ) was built in 1977 and is practically furnished. Rooms in various sizes all have a shower and toilet.

A warm welcome to you as our guest!

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Brandseth Fjellstove

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