Brim Explorer – Location Tromsø
Brim Explorer – Location Tromsø

Brim Explorer – Location Tromsø

Brim Explorer offers experiences without noise or pollution on board our silent, hybrid electric ship in Oslo, Lofoten and Tromsø.

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Brim Explorer – Location Tromsø

Welcome to a new perspective

Silent Tours

Explore Arctic Norway without causing harm to nature. No noise, no pollution, with hybrid-electric ships

Our Vision

‘Brim’ is an Old Norse word that means ‘breaking wave’. And like a breaking wave that brings energy and change, Brim Explorer’s vision is to change the way we experience the ocean. By creating experiences that bring us closer to the ocean, we hope to leave our guests with a stronger environmental understanding and engagement than when they arrived. We provide ocean excursions without noise or pollution on board silent hybrid-electric ships because the epic, rugged and awe-inspiring Arctic coast deserves to be experienced from a silent, clean and comfortable ship.

Tromsø Fjord & Wildlife Cruise

In warmth and comfort, we cruise in silence in the waters surrounding the Tromsø island, past snow-covered mountains and landmarks like the Arctic Cathedral.

The area around Tromsø - the Gateway to the Arctic - is dotted with straights, bays fjords and mountains. Our friendly crew will share their stories and knowledge about the wildlife, coastal history and culture of the High-North.

On this tour we might spot the White-tailed Eagle, numerous other sea- birds, and even a friendly seal.

Northern Lights Cuisine Cruise

Take in the atmospheric Arctic night in all its majesty, onboard a silent electric catamaran with 360 degree uninhibited panoramas, both outside and in. In warmth and comfort, we cruise around Tromsø island, past snow-covered mountains, landmarks like the Arctic cathedral and through icy waters.

As the darkness of the ocean reflects the stars above, if we’re lucky the Northern Lights may appear.

Enjoy the unique atmosphere as we serve an Arctic Tapas dinner with fresh and local ingredients, based on traditional dishes with a modern twist.

We will serve you with a five-course meal (3 cold dishes, 1 heated meal and desert), as we search for the northern lights. Prepare for a silent and tasty cruise.

Silent Whale Watching

Get unique perspective on the majestic humpback and killer whales as they feed in the herring-rich fjords of the Arctic. Our silent hybrid-electric ship means we minimise disturbance to the whales.

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Brim Explorer – Location Tromsø

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Brim Explorer – Location Tromsø

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