Chase the Lights Tour
Chase the Lights Tour
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About us

Marianne’s heaven on earth aurora chaser tours ; Invite you to join us on our nightly tour to find and view or photograph the aurora borealis. We are real aurora/hunters /and are professional  photographers that have  a genuine passion for the aurora and all things that space weather unfolds in the night sky. So why not join us  and view the aurora with the experts  who have (30 years experience )who know and care about every step you take in your quest to see or photograph the natural visual phenomenon called the aurora borealis, (northern lights).

We are a small company with a massive heart.

Whats included in the price; Nightly hunt to find and hopefully view or photograph the aurora.

Night photography tuition. Live visual ipad information and explanation about how space weather works and affects our planet with the most current state of the auroral oval for you to view (ie the northern lights around the poles) and space weather as it happens,with live updates regularly of the state of the incoming solar wind or cme. Complete live northern norway weather report.

Warm synthetic lined snow suits with hoods,reflector vests for your safety, fleece body warmer, head or hand torch, over shoe crampons, professional tripods with ball heads or pan and tilt, remote cable release for most dslr camera’s. We also have some warm synthetic lined boots, socks, gloves, hats and heat pads, if needed at no extra expense.

There are various hot and cold drinks available including a celebration drink when called for. Mixed sandwiches, including vegetarian,(please state if required), mixed chocolate cookies, marsh mallows. A light hot snack, sometimes  heated over an open fire with grill, depending on the night, weather and location each night.

We have a multitude of scenic locations to choose from, which are all weather dependant, but we have no limits to distance or where we might travel to find clear skies for you to see or photograph the aurora borealis, (ie Finland, Sweden) north or south, so please bring your passport.

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Chase the Lights Tour

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Chase the Lights Tour

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