Deep Forest Husky
Deep Forest Husky

Deep Forest Husky

Drive in a dog sled on the hunt for the spectacular northern lights and be part of a magical northern light ceremony with a Sami shaman.

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Deep Forest Husky

Dog-sledding with Northern Lights Ceremony

Join us on an exciting hunt for the Northern Lights in the deep woods of Gratangen. On the hunt for the spectacular Northern Lights we drive dog-sleds with 4-6 dogs. After the fantastical trip you may join us in a heated lavvu, where you join us in a magical Northern Lights Ceremony, together with a Sami shaman.

Did you know that a well trained sled-dog can run 500 km in a couple of days? The distance from Oslo to Trondheim! And after a break and some food, it will be ready to run the same distance back! Why? Well, sled-dogs are like that—they love running!

Join us in the wilderness and let some lightening fast paws draw you through mystical nature.

We travel through harsh and changing nature, through woods, along rivers, through dales and over hills, in a landscape that makes you breathless.

But what do we do afterwards?

Then we relax as we become familiar with the mystical in Sami culture. We eat Sami food, listen to stories from Sápmi, and take part in ancient Sami ceremonies. Did you know that our forefathers like to dance in the sky on freezing cold winter nights? They appear in their very best, while they wave to us. In Sami we say Guovssahas, in Norwegian nordlys. Would you dare to wave back? Maybe it is better to take part in a ceremony that prepares you to greet guovssahas?

According to Sami folk beliefs, our forefathers’ souls live in the Northern Lights, and therefore a ceremony is held so that the Northern Lights may reveal themselves. A holy drink will be served with the ceremony. At the end biidus, a traditional Sami meal, will be served, along with coffee and cakes. There will also be vegetarian food. This is an experience you won’t soon forget.

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Deep Forest Husky

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Deep Forest Husky

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