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Domkirkeodden is a medieval museum beautifully located on the shores of Lake Mjøsa, close to the city centre of Hamar. The museum lets you explore the city of Hamar in medieval times, as well as the largest herb garden in Norway.

The main attraction at Domkirkeodden is the ruins of a medieval cathedral, enclosed in a modern glass dome. The glass dome protects the ruins from the elements but also highlights their beauty. The dome is an excellent place to experience the museum’s singing guides, and is also a sought after place to get married.

Every June, Domkirkeodden plays host to the open-air Medieval Festival. For one weekend, the museum grounds are covered in tents and stalls, selling everything from handmade soaps to suits of armour. There are also tournaments with knights fighting each other from horsebacks!

Domkirkeodden is closed during the winter months, but welcomes groups on guided tours all year round.

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