Elgtun Moose Center
Elgtun Moose Center
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About us

Welcome to Norway´s first elk park with tame elks. The tradition of keeping domesticated elk originates from Russia and Sweden. There are stories about elk being used as beasts of burden and as mounts.

There is a huge difference between an elk you can see in zoos and the elks that have lived close to people and been hand fed since they were born. Elgtun has up to 8 elks of different ages -both cows and bulls, and sometimes calves.

Elgtun is an exiting place to visit and also an instructive experience regarding elk, nature and local culture. We are aiming for a leading position as disseminators of unbiased knowledge about elk. We develop all our activities with that in mind. Three times a day you may visit the animals and join in on the feeding. In between shows we have prepared some activities for you. The café offers warm and cold drinks, ice cream and wafers and also burgers and sausages made from elk meat. The latter you have to grill yourself at the outside barbeque area. Delicious!

Other activities include playgrounds, a film following a wild bull through many years, elk tasks for children and a cut- and paste workshop for small kids. And there is also a jewellery workshop where you can make your own elk necklace made from elk teeth and bones. Probably the nicest souvenir you will ever get.

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Elgtun Moose Center

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Elgtun Moose Center

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