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Arctic adventures

Welcome to ErsfjordbotnBrygge

Nature at its greatest

Ersfjordbotn Brygge was established in 2014 and is located about 16 km from the airport of Tromsø. We are specialized in organizing adventures in the beautiful nature of Northern Norway, and offer Northern Light Trips, Whale Watching, Mountain Hiking, Skiing and Deep Sea Fishing, as well as accommodation on the quayside.

The Northern Lights

Experience natures own spectacular light show

Observing the Northern Lights dancing at the night sky is an experience for life. On your trip to Northern Norway during wintertime, there is a good chance of experience the Northern Lights. Join us and you will be a part of an experience that you will never forget. Duration of the journey is 2 - 3 hours. Adults kr 1200,- Children kr 800,- Sign up for the Northern Light trip at the same time as you book your apartment.

Season: October 01 - March 31

Whale Watching

Encounter Humpback Whales at the coast outside of Tromsø

See Humpback whales hunting and feeding as large schools of herring are entering the fjords around Tromsø. Take part in this adventure with us and encounter these majestic creatures at close range. Sign up for the Whale safari at the same time as you book your apartment.

Season: November 01 - January 31

Mountain Hiking

A landscape made for skiing awaits you in the North

In the Northern parts of Norway you will find one of the best places for awesome skiing. Ski down high mountains from top to bottom and enjoy the magnificent view out over sea and mountain. Here you will find one of the best powder skiing conditions. The mountains are excellent in the summertime too. Sign up for skiing and hiking at the same time as you book your apartment.

Season: January 01 - Mai 31

Deep Sea Fishing

Join us for Deep Sea Fishing along the coast of Tromsø

Fishing has traditionally been one of the most important sources of income for people living at the coastline of Northern Norway. Explore the true North with Deep Sea Fishing and coastal culture. Duration of the trip: 4-5 h. Cost: kr 1500,- per person. Sign up for Deep Sea Fishing at the same time as you book your apartment.

Season: October 01 - March 01



The reindeer is the true hero of the Arctic. We would like to invite you to visit our Sámi camp and join us for a genuine and family-friendly reindeer sledding safari with an amazing view of the famous Lyngen Alp mountains. Hopefully you will learn to cherish and respect these curious and furry animals just like we do! Our expert guides will also tell you about the secrets of surviving life in the Arctic and show you traditional artifacts and treasures from our culture.

Season: November 11 - April 15

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