At Fjell-Huskies we specialise in husky sled dog tours. Join us and all our lovely dogs as we explore the beautiful mountains and forests of this secluded area.

We promise you an adventure of a lifetime!

We offer Husky and Lama tours in Trysil, Fagerasen and in Elvdal/Snerta which is our homebase. We have half-day excursions from 2,5 and 3,5 hours, and also Day trips from 6-7 hours.

We and our 60-70 dogs live in the incredible beautiful and wild valley of Elvdalen with a lot of mooses, wolves and bears. You will arrive to the mountain wilderness of Norway.

We are a team of experienced guides. Tailormade trips are always possible. Ask us for night trips, full moon trips or also 2-3 days trips. We are ready to make your dreams come true!

SPECIAL OFFER: In April 2020 we will offer Week trips to the mesmerizing Hardangervidda, Europe’s largest high-mountain plateau.


Elvdalsveien 720, 2440 Engerdal
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