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The art shop offers souvenirs, arts and crafts, and also includes a café. The gallery’s workshops are used by local and visiting craftsmen, designers and artists. Visitors are offered lodging and studios for both short- and longterm stays. Temporary exhibitions are organized 6-8 times a year.

Galleri Svalbard was established in 1995. The gallery displays the permanent art and culture collections from Kåre Tveter, The Svalbards Collection (arctic maps, books and money) and The Recherche Collection (litographies fra the expeditions in 1838 og 1839).

The gallery also has art for sale and displays 7-8 new exhibitions a year. In our museum shop there is also a selection of gift articles and books with different art books, general literature about Svalbard and a selection of designer goods. Coffee, tea and various refreshments are offered in the Art Café.

Right next to us is The Arts and Crafts Centre of Longyear, where local artisans exhibit their works.

The Svalbard Collection
In 1993 former office manager in Store Norske, Henrik Varming, wanted to sell his unique collection of ancient maps related to the arctic regions. To avoid that the collection be split up and sold by the piece on the private market, a foundation was established to buy these maps.

It was later decided also to buy Varming’s book collection. This contains several unique manuscripts.

In 2002 the foundation decided to raise funds to aquire Ingvald Johansen’s collection
of old notes of payment from Svalbard. These were different types of internal currency issued by the various mining companies who were established on the archipelago. Store Norske used these as payment until 1980.

The Tveter Collection
The painter Kåre Tveter (b. 1922) had already established himself as one of our foremost depictors of the nordic light when he was first invited to Svalbard in 1982. The pictures he later painted based on the inspiration from his many trips to Svalbard still came to represent the major milestone in his artistic career. Of all the artists who have depicted the various themes of Svalbard throughout the years, Tveter’s interpretationsof the light is perhaps what more than anything else has given Svalbard its position as motive in pictorial art. In 1995 the Kåre Tveter Collection was established, and was the cornerstone among the exhibitions in Galleri Svalbard. By the opening of the gallery, his images have found their natural place in a permanent collection in Longyear City.

"I’d rather paint only the light and space, but I need to introduce simplified, recognizable shapes to get the opportunity to articulate, so that I don’t end up in a mere private monologue."

- Kåre Tveter

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