Gildeskål Church Site
Gildeskål Church Site
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The 12th century medieval stone church with its rich traditions and with its beautiful and distinctive fixtures and furnishings is situated here. The history of church customs, faith and everyday life for eight centuries is to be found between the old walls. By the church is the old graveyard with many old headstones where you can read, among other things, of “that truly despised and persecuted teacher” and “that respected bachelor” who died before he got his “lover”.

Just a stone’s throw from the medieval church is the main Gildeskål church from 1881, the old 18th century vicarage and two old storehouses. Salten Museum has exhibitions in the vicarage barn on coastal heritage and Gildeskål in the 1950s.

The landscape around the church site is untouched by recent development. Grave mounds, old stone boat landings and the old church path are among the cultural relics in the area. There is a magnificent view of the islands and shipping channels from the church hill. A rich flora dominates the area, including a number of orchids.

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Gildeskål Church Site

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Gildeskål Church Site


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