Gimle Farm
Gimle Farm
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The region’s most beautiful manorhouse

Time has stood still at Gimle Gård. Here, you can experience the history of Kristiansand through the stories of the five generations who spent their lives in this fine manor house. Join a fascinating tour through the ballroom and lounges, which is like a journey through time from the building of the house in the late 1700s through until the death of the last owner in 1982.

Gimle Gård in Kristiansand was built at a time when it was fashionable for wealthy townsfolk to have a country residence away from the smells and noise of the city. This was a place where fine ladies could enjoy tea and cakes in lounges, and summer days were spent wandering the landscaped grounds surrounding the house. Such country residences were also furnished with fine furniture and tableware and everything needed to hold parties for the family and their wealthy friends.

Gimle stands today as a unique mansion, which tells about the political, cultural and social trends and events over the last 200 years. The house is surrounded by an English landscape park and isco-located with Natural Museum and Botanic Garden - University of Agder. Gimle Farm is open every day during the summer season, and the rest of the year it is possible to arrange visits for groups and school classes.

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Gimle Farm

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