The Glomdal Museum
The Glomdal Museum
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This museum is filled to the brim with the cultural history of the Østerdal region and Solør. The vast museum grounds are home to 93 buildings from these regions. The buildings are divided into several areas, displaying different epochs, districts and architectural styles. The museum grounds are open all year round, but most of the buildings are only open during the summer season. In the summer you will also find a petting zoo at one of the farms.

The main museum building houses several permanent exhibitions, as well as a variety of temporary exhibitions. An important theme at the Glomdal Museum is to showcase the multiculturalism of the region. This is for example evident in the exhibition Latjo Drom which focuses on the culture and history of the Romani people in Norway. At the Glomdal Museum you will also find an exhibition highlighting the historical events that took place during three days in April 1940. This was when the Norwegian King fled the capital and refused to surrender to the Nazi regime, as seen in the film The King’s Choice.

Take a stroll across the suspension bridge and visit the Norwegian Forest Museum.

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The Glomdal Museum

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The Glomdal Museum


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