Grong Gård og Gjestegård
Grong Gård og Gjestegård
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About us

We must go several centuries back in time to find the origin of Grong Gård. To begin with it was a coaching inn where horses and their owners could rest. From there the journey would continue towards the coast where the main purpose was to buy fish and salt to take back to the mountain village. 

In 1773, the old coaching inn became a guest house. Many a weary traveller greatly appreciated the service they received here, and so it has been through the years. In a way Grong Gård is still a bit of a coaching inn, as most of our guests are driving through Norway, on their way north or south, and need to rest for the night after many hours on the road. 

Since the late 19th century, salmon fishermen from all over the world have come to stay with us. The salmon still arrive every season, but more and more tourists are also pleased to stay here simply for rest and relaxation in a traditional and congenial setting. During the summer we serve dinner at 1900: authentic Norwegian food, cooked in the good old-fashioned way. (Dinner reservations when booking.) 

Grong Gård is located in quiet rural surroundings: an idyllic setting in and around a typical Trøndersk farmyard.

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Grong Gård og Gjestegård

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Grong Gård og Gjestegård

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