Gudbrandsdal War Memorial
Gudbrandsdal War Memorial
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On April 9th 1940 German troops invaded Norway. We were at war. It took 5 long years before Norway was a free country again. The hardest clashes in south Norway took place in Kvam, Gudbrandsdalen on April 25th and 26th. These events are the reason why we have Gudbrandsdal War Memorial. The exhibition tells stories about how the Norwegians handled the occupation, acts of resistance and the daily life. Over two thousand pictures and artifacts are on display. The memorial also include an exhibition about Kess - Sigrid Nordrum, one of the few women who had code names in the Norwegian resistance.

Gudbrandsdalsmusea AS
Gudbrandsdalsmusea is the regional museum for the Gudbrandsdal area. We are made up of a number of departments and exhibitions whose aim is to give an insight into the history of the area. Our departments include open air museums, private records archives and local archives for folk music, as well as exhibitions on various topics such as agriculture, local crafts and cooking traditions, mining, hunting and trapping, World War II, and Stave Churches. The Pilgrim centre for Gudbrandsdalen, located in Hundorp, is also part of the museum. Our 3 open air museums consist of a number of historic buildings dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries. During the season we have activities for children of all ages, and local volunteers demonstrate traditional baking and handicraft techniques.

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Gudbrandsdal War Memorial

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Gudbrandsdal War Memorial


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