Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell & Camping
Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell & Camping

Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell & Camping

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About us

Guldbergaunet Camping is located only 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre of Steinkjer, right at the meeting point of two rivers forming a quiet corner of nature’s bliss.

The quiet trail stretching from the campsite to the city centre is an invitation to go for a stroll alongside the river, past Rismelen play ground to the city beach. Or you can rent one of our bikes and follow the trail all the way to the local marina of small boats and continue up the road to Paradisbukta for a dip in the ocean.

During the summer there is a good chance of catching a salmon in the river or simply watching the local fishermen do so. Alternatively, you can go for a hike to one of the many popular sites surrounding the area.

Popular activities for families include Dampsaga swim resort and Lykkeland – a heaven of feisty playfulness for kids. Good discounts are offered to our guests. 

Welcome to Guldbergaunet Camping – we will greet you with a smile!

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Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell & Camping

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Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell & Camping


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