Gunnartangen Rorbuferie
Gunnartangen Rorbuferie

Gunnartangen Rorbuferie

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About us

Cabin - rental in the idyllic Vesterålen

We offer 5 cabins right on the quayside of Stø Harbour.

Stø – 55 km distance from Sortland in the middle of Vesterålen, 15 km from Myre - is on the northern edge of the island Langøya in Vesterålen. 400 km north of the Arctic Circle, in a fantastic landscape, the fishing village with its 180 inhabitants has kept its original character. A lot of boats still use the harbour as their base for the traditional long - line fishing. Here, away from the paths worn by mass tourism, North Norway is still. The ideal place for nature enthusiasts, preferring individual holidays away from mass tourism.

• Open all year round.

• Pets allowed in one cabin.

• WIFI / TV.

• We talk english, norwegian and german.

• Whale Safari.

• Kayak rentals.

• Bird-, Seal- and Fishing trips.

• Good harbour conditions for boat tourists.

• Good fishingground.

• Great hiking terrain. Stø – Nyksund (Dronningsruta).

• Beach (Skipssanden).

• Langenes church, one of the oldest wood churches in Norway.

• Restaurant, Campsite.

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Gunnartangen Rorbuferie

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