Hamarøy Fjordtur
Hamarøy Fjordtur
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About us

Hamarøy Fjordtur (fjord tours) prides itself in offering sea-based experiences that provide lasting memories for those with experience at sea as well as for novices. Satisfy many senses and appreciate the small nature-based experiences through hearing, smell, sight and taste. Sense and feel the great values we have right on our doorstep, which can provide rich and memorable adventures.

Hamarøy Fjordtur is a private company owned and operated by Kurt Ediassen. He and his family have run the farm Håkonhals on the island of Finnøy in Hamarøy Municipality since 1989. They own and operate the boat Ms Angelica, and offer various boat trips in the local area for groups of up to 12 people.

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Hamarøy Fjordtur

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