Hardanger Panorama Lodge
Hardanger Panorama Lodge
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The hut

Spend the night 11 meters (36 feet) above ground in a Tree Top Hut, with spectacular views of the Hardangerfjord

When we were kids, most of us dreamed of having a hut high up in a tree. Now you can experience this in a modern and fully equipped hut in Ulvik, Hardanger.

The Hut is built on pillars and offers stunning panoramic views of Ulvik and the Hardangerfjord. The large windows in the living room provide a feeling of hovering freely across the landscape, offering a truly unique experience of nature.

Upon arrival, you’ll find parking right in front of the cabin. A short and nice little path takes you to a bridge, from which you’ll enter the hut. Once inside, you’ll be 8 meters above ground with a spectacular view of the landscape below you.


3 bedrooms that sleep up to 6 people. Fully equipped kitchen. Bed linen can be hired or you can bring your own. The hut has fitted water and electricity, water closet and shower. It is also winter insulated, and stays warm and comfortable during the winter months.

The area

The area offers countless opportunities. You may wish to go hiking, fishing or exploring Ulvik’s apple farms and cider mills. During winter, Ulvik is also a great place for skiing and various walks and short trip to everyone’s delight.

Our suggestion is a spectacular trip the Osa mountain (Osafjellet), over 1000 meters above sea level. The hosts, Arild and Claudia, are of course at hand to provide you with suggestions, advice and local knowledge.

If you just want to spend some real quality time in and around the hut, we can provide you with catering from Hardanger Guesthouse. Syse Farm may also supply you with their very unique sausages, apple juice and jam.

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Hardanger Panorama Lodge

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Hardanger Panorama Lodge

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