Hasselberg Husky
Hasselberg Husky
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About us

We are a small company that offer dog sledding activities and we have about 30 dogs in our kennel. We're located in the beautiful valley called Reisadalen, 25 km from Storslett. Our location is in the middle of the arctic wilderness, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Hasselberg Husky has 3 different tours that can be booked, the length of the tours varies from 2 to 4 hours.
All our trips include close contact with our dogs and all of them are very friendly to people.

You will learn how to prepare a dog team before the trip and how we look after our dogs along the way. After the trip there will be the opportunity to give the dogs attention and take pictures. We often have puppies who also want to meet new people and get lots of attention.

The availability of the different tours may vary according to requests and other bookings. We will always try to deliver the trip you prefer, but it may happen that sometimes we only have one of the trips available.

Practical information (sled): Mainly there are two persons per sled. Both will get the opportunity to drive the sled, and we try to make sure both get the same amount of time driving. It is possible to order a single sled, this will cause a 500,- NOK increase of the price. If you would like to order this, please let us know in advance as this will reduce the capacity. It is not possible to order a single sled on standard deal 1.

Practical information (wagon): This season, each trip has a max amount of participants of 4 adults and 2-3 children. Single wagon is not possible to purchase, but some will have to drive solo and some not. (Allocated by size and weight) All standard deals are also available by wagon.

Preconditions to participate: The clothing must be appropriate. If we find the customer not dressed for weather and temperature, we claim the right to cancel the trip due to security reasons. Each participant also has to bring their own headlamp. These trips requires that all participants contributes actively all the way. Consider your personal health issues before a trip. We make aware that these trips might be physical demanding for some, as moving around in the cold can be heavy. If you have any questions about this let us know before booking.

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