Hav & Fritid, coastal kayaking
Hav & Fritid, coastal kayaking

Hav & Fritid, coastal kayaking

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About us

Helgeland with a fantastic archipelago is in many ways a paradise when it comes to sea kayaking. What we believe is the world`s most beautiful coastline provides countless opportunities for trips and routes with different levels of difficulty. Some areas is perfect for beginners and other suit the experienced.

Hav & Fritid conduct guided tours of varying difficulty for sea kayakers from around the world for over 20 years. From our base at Nesna, we specialize in customizing and creating unique experiences in the Helgeland region and take you to some of the pearls of nature. H&F uses high quality kayaks and gear, to ensure the event will be a memorable one. In combination with sea paddling, we offer a variety of other types of activities such as hiking, tracking, cycling, photo safaris, bird watching.

Hav & Fritid will find kayak activity that will suits you and your skills. We work with individuals, - private groups as well as companies in search for the next event. H&F collaborates with other actors in Helgeland, each of whom are specialist in their field. Together we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide you with unique events in this ”land
of fairytales.”

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Hav & Fritid, coastal kayaking

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Hav & Fritid, coastal kayaking

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