Heddal Open-air Museum
Heddal Open-air Museum
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Welcome to the Heddal Open-air Museum

Buildings from the old farming community dating all the way back to the Middle Ages are gathered at the Heddal Open-air Museum. The museum depicts life in Notodden’s pre-industrial rural community dating from the late 1800s.

All the buildings on the site have been relocated from the surrounding district. The buildings have been positioned to give visitors an idea of what a thriving farm looked like in this area around 200 years ago. Rambergstugo is the museum’s principal building, and on the upper floor visitors can admire the decoratively painted living room, known as Uppstogo, painted by the decorative painter Olav Hansson in 1784. The museum also houses the Hola smallholding and the Fyrileivstugo living room, the latter of which was carved and painted by the wood carver and decorative painter Olav Fyrileiv. Heddal stave church, which is 800 years old and Norway’s largest stave church, is situated 400 m from the museum.

The stubborn farmers of Heddal

Heddal has a diverse historical heritage that includes wood carving, Norwegian decorative painting, folk music and folk costumes. Visitors to the Heddal open-air Museum will gain insight into how farmers and smallholders lived. We also tell the story about what made the stubborn farmers of Heddal stand out from the other farming communities in Telemark.

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