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Hustadvika Adventure
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For guests from far and near, hidden treasures await in a spectacular area by the coast of western Norway. Hustadvika Adventure offers tailor-made experiences within the fields of hiking, boat excursions, fishing, caving, eagle safari, and culinary trips to local producers.

Hustadvika Adventure provides accommodation at beautiful Onakaia. In a small island located outside the western Norwegian coastline, memorable events are waiting to take place. Housing up to twenty-one persons at once, this historical building placed at the very deck of Ona offers magnificent views and thrilling surroundings – the perfect base for adventurous experiences.

Hiking and caving are amongst offered activities. In a sphere of fjords and mountains, nature is nothing short of amazing. Join us as we walk into the heights or follow the beautiful valleys as they curl their way through stunning Norwegian scenery.

Throughout history, fishing has been amongst the most valuable industries in the area. We provide a variety of associated activities, there amongst salt- and freshwater fishing, net hauling, and crab fishing. Upon request spearfishing and clam/shell harvesting also pops up as an option. Having its base in a rich farming area, Hustadvika Adventure provides
guests with extraordinary visits to local food producers. Smoked salmon is a specialty well worth mentioning. We collaborate with several of the most known producers around to give our customers a taste of the traditional Norwegian foods.

Taking part of a trip in the fjord and its surrounding isles, guests of Hustadvika Adventure goes from islet to islet looking for the majestic sea eagle. Along the trip, we pay a visit to an old eagle’s nest actively used for at least twenty years. Seals are also common in the area and often seen during our trip.

Join Hustadvika Adventure in our exhilarating journey of the blooming tourism industry in Møre and Romsdal, the land by the sea. Contact us for a tailor-made experience well suited your needs and wishes.

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