Isbreen The Glacier

The Glacier is located in the stunning Jøkelfjord, just an hour west of Alta.

Focusing on sustainability The Glacier has chosen to build its facilities on pillars to minimize the imprint this destination makes on the nature.

We want to serve our guests fresh meals prepared with in-season local products throughout the year.

We offer a wide range of high quality experiences and activities for all seasons. Whether you want thrills and adrenaline or just a break from the busy city life in the tranquil and serene nature at our destination.

The Glacier 2019 consists of 3 canvas igloos and a service building with bathrooms, dining hall/meeting room, sauna and hot tub.

The igloos are 30 m2, have 2 quality beds, recliner chairs, electrical heating, WIFI, coffee machine, kettle, telescope, air conditioning, private terrace, terrace furniture, water dispenser and more.

The igloos are designed and situated to be a part of nature to ensure that our guests will get the true feeling of living in the arctic nature. The service building is under 50 m away from the igloos, and provides the guests with all the necessary facilities of a modern destination.

Due to very few street lights and other light pollution around our destination, we have extremely good condition for viewing the northern lights in the winter. All our guest will be fitted with powerful headlamps so that they may move around freely and securely in the polar night season.

Isbreen The Glacier

Saltnesveien 8, 9163 Jøkelfjord
+47 400 02 443
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