Jønnhalt Gjesteseter
Jønnhalt Gjesteseter
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About us

Jønnhalt Gjesteseter is located south of Rondane National Park, 75 km north of Lillehammer. It is an old mountain farm 800 m a.s.l. The 150 years old houses have been rebuilt: 9 double rooms with bathrooms, lounge with fireplace, big sauna etc. Only one group at a time. Make your own food or we can serve you. We speak English fluently, German well, some French and a littel bit of Spanish. We inform and can take you on guided tours.

Astri, Anders & Øyvind

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Jønnhalt Gjesteseter

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Jønnhalt Gjesteseter

Guest house
Cabin rental
Cross country skiing

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