Karasjok Camping


Here you can get up close to know the Sami culture and explore the plains on foot in summer and skiiing and snowmobiling in winter. Under the right conditions, you can see and feel the northern lights and its mystical powers while taking a hot bath outside in several degrees below freezing. 

Take a walk or bikeride around Karasjok and experience the people, the midnight  sun, the river and much more. All within walking distance from the campsite.

Peak season is from early June to late August. In september hunters arrive. The camping area consists of cabins, camping area with room for over 50 campers and caravans, two sanitation facilities, TVrom, lavvu, big grillhut, playground, finnish  sauna with panoramic windows and outdoor jacuzzi. 


We have cabins with private bathroom, separate bedrooms, livingroom with TV, veranda, and kitchenette with dishwasher and microwave. All in all, we have 22 cabins with a total of 90 beds, from basic to high standard. Sizes from simple 2-beds to well equipped 7-person cabins. 


These are rooms with bunk beds in a house with a shared livingroom, TV, WC and kitchenette. Showers are in a seperate building. A slightly  cheaper alternative.

Karasjok Camping

Avjuvargeaidnu 88, Karasjok Camping AS, 9730 Karasjok
+47 970 72 225