Kjerringøy Trading Post
Kjerringøy Trading Post
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Kjerringøy Trading Post

Kjerringøy Trading Post is a unique example of coastal heritage set in magnificent scenery. It consists of 15 old buildings retaining many of their original contents. It is one of the country’s most important collections of buildings from the nineteenth century.

The beautiful slide-show “Anna Elisabeth of Kjerringøy” provides an excellent introduction to a visit. It lasts about 20 minutes. Guided tours are then available around the various yards and buildings. You can shop in the store (“Kramboden”) or enjoy refreshments in Nyfjøsen Café or in the garden. Occasionally various crafts are demonstrated in the buildings. Cultural events are also held here. (See the programme for the season).

For a guided tour of the main building a special ticket must be bought.

During the tour you will hear more about the competent merchants of Kjerringøy: Sverdrup, Ellingsen and Zahl. You will also gain an insight into the daily lives of the fishermen and smallholders on the coast. The golden age of the trading post was at the end of the nineteenth century. At that time Zahl enjoyed profitable business in the fish trade, coastal shipping, exports and imports. In time Kjerringøy grew to become the wealthiest trading centre in North Norway.

The reception including Nyfjøsen Café has wheelchair access.

360 show http://vt.arctic360.com/nordlandsmuseet/kjerringoy-handelssted/

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Kjerringøy Trading Post

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Kjerringøy Trading Post

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