Klevfos Industrial Museum
Klevfos Industrial Museum
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Klevfos Industrial Museum in Løten is situated at one of Norway’s smallest paper mills. Klevfos Cellulose Mill was built in 1888 and was the first factory in Norway to produce paper from its own cellulose. Shortly after the factory’s closure in 1976, it was decided to turn the premises into a museum. Today you can learn about the process it takes to make timber into finished paper.

At Klevfos Industrial Museum you can learn how to make your own paper out of cellulose from the spruce tree. In the workshop, children can learn about water generated power and even make their own water mill and test it in the nearby river. The museum grounds are an excellent place for a picnic, with a lovely playground and scenic footpaths.

For more info, visit https://klevfos.no/en  

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Klevfos Industrial Museum


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