Kokelv Costal Sámi Museum
Kokelv Costal Sámi Museum

Kokelv Costal Sámi Museum

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About us

At Jáhkovuona mearrasámi musea/Kokelv sjøsamiske museum (A Costal Sámi museum) you can visit Nillagården, which is a genuine coastal Sámi smallholding with a boathouse down by the shore. The farm was built during the rebuilding period after the Second World War.

The museum was founded in 1991 by Kokelv museumslag (Kokelv Museum Society) and Kvalsund kommune (Kvalsund Municipality).

You can experience

  • the housing and living conditions, with smallholding and fishing as a way of life
  • the coastal Sámi culture in its natural milieu
  • You will also find the rehabilitated Kokelv costume, reconstructed according to a coastal
    Sámi costume that was commonly used in Kokelv in the 1800s. It was rediscovered at the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo over 100 years later. Today the costume is once again in use in the area, however now as festivity wear.

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Kokelv Costal Sámi Museum


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