Kongsvinger Museum
Kongsvinger Museum
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Kongsvinger Museum consists of several museum buildings in the Kongsvinger region. The main museum building is Gyldenborg, located in the beautiful listed wooden house area Øvrebyen in old town Kongsvinger, close to the fortress. The museum’s permanent exhibition addresses the years from 1807 to 1814. During these years, Norway was fighting for its independence from Sweden. The exhibition aims to show the lives to ordinary people along the border to Sweden in these troubling times.

Across the road, you can visit Aamodtgården. This was the home of cavalry master Harald Aamodt and his wife Nina. Inside the apartment, time has more or less stood still since the 1920s when Harald and Nina moved in and decorated their home. Today, the museum offers a unique flashback to the past.

The National Women’s History Museum is only a short stroll away.

For more info, visit https://kongsvingermuseum.no/    

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