Koppangen Brygger
Koppangen Brygger
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In picture unique surroundings, in the heart of the Lyngen Alps, you`ll find Koppangen Brygger located at the west side of the Lyngen Fjord . The resort is located where the road ends, with dramatic and spectacular coastal scenery in every direction. This is a dream spot for active people, whether you like fishing, hiking, free skiing or more extreme things like climbing. We can also offer you a top modern conference room.

We have well equipped and secure boats for rent. From Koppangen Brygger there is only a short distance to the best fishing spots in the Lyngen fjord.

Northern Lights
Due to the lack of light pollution we have the perfect place to experience the Northern lights. You can watch the amaizing sky from our outdoor Jacuzzi or 2 min walk where it is completely dark.

Koppangen is further out of the fjord, a sleepy fishing village where a glacier-fed river cascades into the sea, making the water milky white. Walk into the valley to see tall waterfalls and lush valleys where the Lapps herd their reindeer in the winter.

Sturdy, water-resistant walking shoes are recommended. It is a good idea to carry a small pack with water, snacks and a mobile phone, and bring a light jacket and hat as weather conditions can change quickly.

Summit ascents continue to become popular. Koppangen Brygger is a perfect starting point, as it is located down at the water’s edge surrounded by wild nature and majestic mountains. Highlights include the mountain peak of Taffeltind and Koppangs Glacier. You will have to search hard to find another place where you can put on your skis near the water’s edge and start your summit ascent straight away. The holiday apartments are becoming increasingly popular over the winter months. If you look at the photos, it is not hard to understand why.

We can also arrange guided summit ascents with local mountain guides. Please contact us for more information.

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