Kote Null
Kote Null

Kote Null

Freediving introductions and courses, Kayakk and stand-up padling, Watersports, Climbing, Sea fishing with guide, Guiding and tag-alongs in boat or kayakk, Bonsai introductions and workshops, Photowalks in the Raet nationalpark, Boat rental, Kayakk and SUP rental.

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About us

Kote Null offers activities and genuin experiences, by the sea and on the sea!

Kote Null is placed in the middle of the underwater nationalpark called Raet, and they are in business all year around, adapting to the constantly changing surroundings. There are houndreds of islands of all shapes and sizes in this area, but only six of them are inhabited. Most of these are not attached to mainland and do not have cars or any other heavy vehicles. People walk or ride their bikes in these small comunities, but still they are blessed with a high level of activity, like restaurants, places to spend the night and small shops.

For a complete island experience, activites by the sea or just a boat for the day, Kote Null will assist you and do what they can to see that your wishes and needs are taken into consideration. They have the equipment, the expertise and the experience to offer great experiences in their area, and they are always ready to welcome new guests.

The following are just some of the activites that Kote Nulls offers;
  • Freediving introductions and courses
  • Kayakk and stand-up padling
  • Watersports
  • Climbing
  • Sea fishing with guide
  • Guiding and tag-alongs in boat or kayakk
  • Bonsai introductions and workshops
  • Photowalks in the Raet nationalpark
  • Boat rental
  • Kayakk and SUP rental

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Kote Null

Sea fishing
Guided tour
bonsai course
Photo safari
Boat rental

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