Kvåsfossen Salmon Center
Kvåsfossen Salmon Center
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About us

OPEN EVERY DAY 11.00 - 16.00

The wild salmon is an important part of our history and culture

Petroglyphs, thousands of years old -from the stone age, shows that our forefathers caught and ate salmon. Today, more than 100 000 dedicated people are fishing for salmon in our small and big salmon rivers.

Less wild salmon than earlier

The salmon rivers of Norway are some of the most important growing up and spawning areas in the world for the Atlantic salmon. The human made dangers you can learn about in our centre are the reasons to smaller salmon stocks than before.

International interest

Many people are concerned with taking care of the wild salmon both in Norway and other countries. In Norway three great organisations* represents the fishermen, river owners and our nature.

Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management and the fish management in the municipalities of Norway are working hard to keep the salmon in our rivers. Salmon scientists follow closely and are studying the conditions for the salmon.

What can you do?

Everybody can join in in saving the wild salmon. In many rivers you can get a discount on fishing cards for kids and youth. The money from the fishing cards are dedicated to taking care of the wild salmon.

Activities for all

Our ambition is to make Kvåsfossen a pleasant visitor center and we make a lot of different activities for both adults and children. Beeing a national salmon centre our focus is naturally on the wild salmon and the river. During the year we will invite to exhibitions, lectures on different subjects, markets and more.

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Kvåsfossen Salmon Center

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Kvåsfossen Salmon Center

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