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Kvensk Institutt
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About us

Kvensk institutt is a National Centre for Kven Language and Culture

The institute’s objective is to develop, document and disseminate knowledge and information about Kven language and culture and promote use of the Kven language in society. The institute’s tasks are to establish and run a Kven Language Council and to implement education and information work about the Kven language and culture on a national basis. The Kven Institute was established in 2005 and was officially opened in 2007.

The institute building is designed by architects Ingolf Westbø and Odd Østbye. The arched hall is acoustically one of the best concert halls in Finnmark.

Our permanent exhibitions are open for the public year round:
- Meidän äänet- sound exhibition about the everyday life of the Kvens.
- Photo exhibition of Kven photographs taken by Finnish Folklorist Samuli Paulaharju on his field trips in 1920’s and 1930’s.

We also have a temporary photo exhibition in July-August. Our shop sells Kven related products, books, films and music etc.

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Kvensk Institutt

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