Lady Elsie

Unforgettable sea adventure awaits everyone, who wants to have a quality time in Norway. The list of activities available varies depending on the time of year, yet there is always something to do, see and enjoy in your free time. Lady Elsie Tromso will take you on an amazing northern waters sightseeing trip in the evening during the midnight sun time of year.. fishing for the skie cod in march and april and spring and summer fishing until the end of september and whalewatching from october until end of january– pick the activity you want to do and book your trip aboard Lady Elsie!

Activities aboard Lady Elsie include: 
- Charter boat fishing trips from March to end of September 
- Whale watching tours from November until end of January
- Fjord cruises in the spring/summer June 1st until end of August

Activity location:
Our fishing trips depart from Sjøtunbrygge – it’s around 30 km s/west from Tromsø. Whale watching trips will have pickup points in Kaldfjord early season and Sjotunbrygge as the whales move towards to us.

Independently of the time of year you can go on a fishing trip in a real paradise for all who want to fish for the biggest cod, ling, wolfish,coalfish,haddock,brosme,plaice,sand dab halibut .. etc etc The trips focus on areas near Kvaløya, known for their outstanding beauty and water rich with different species of fish. Lady Elsie Tromso provides all of the equipment you need – you just focus on having a good fishing time during the trip.

Whale watching
The season lasts from November until January and each trip is a breathtaking experience. You have a unique opportunity to see those beautiful creatures from up close – an experience you will remember your whole life. See the great humpback, orca and other magnificent cetaceans! If you missed this whale watching this season, – book today your place on a next year cruise.

Lady Elsie

Sjøtunvegen 481 Kvaløya, NO-9108 Tromsø
+47 478 95 864