Lesja Open Air Museum
Lesja Open Air Museum
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Have you ever wondered how life was in a mountain village 200 years ago, whatdid they eat, how did they live, die and work? In Lesja open air museum we illustrate many aspects of life in a mountain farmstead in the 18th and 19th century. Our 13 timbered buildings are centered around an open yard, with animals on the outskirts of the farm area. Every summer volunteers join us at the museum bringing the traditions to life. Visit the ladies baking traditional bread and cakes in the bakehouse, or watch the blacksmith transform iron rods into beautiful items in the smithy. Chatt with the volunteers selling vaffels and coffee in Hattremstugu, or maybe you’ll get lucky and have an encounter with the old man rumored to walk around on the first floor in Bellestugu. If ghosts are a bit too much for you, we have friendly animals who loves a snack. Visit one of our exhibitions showing different aspects of daily life on the farm. Our guides walk around outside and are available for questions and guided tours.

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Lesja Open Air Museum


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