Lilandtunet Gjestgiveri (Lilandtunet Inn)
Lilandtunet Gjestgiveri (Lilandtunet Inn)

Lilandtunet Gjestgiveri (Lilandtunet Inn)

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About us

Situated in beautiful surroundings right next to Lake Vangsvatnet, a short distance from Voss Centre in Hordaland. A place full of tranquility and a scenery that would make most jaws drop. The house itself has a rich history and its owners take great pride in documenting it, as well as Norwegian history in general. This rustic and authentic Inn has a library stacked with literature in both English and Norwegian with tales of Norwegian culture and past.

This Inn is the perfect option for small and medium sized groups who wants to stay in quiet surroundings while experiencing Hordaland and its large amount of famous and wonderful places. Nature, hiking spots and viewpoints, all in close proximity – e.g. Hodnafjell is worth reading up on before arriving. And if you want to go to the city of Bergen or the new Viking village in Gudvangen, you don’t have to book several hotels or travel vast distances. They are only an hour or two away by car or train, as well as many other exciting places. Lilandtunet is a great base for experiences.


Lilandtunet has something for everyone. Single rooms, double rooms, apartments and a villa.

The single and double rooms is an affordable option if you are in Voss to ski or paddling. Shared kitchen and bathroom.

The apartments have either two or three rooms, its own kitchen and bathroom, and is well-suited for 4-5 people.

Villa Fredheim is a large and beautiful house with 10 bedrooms. A great option for larger groups or families.

NB! The Inn does not serve food, but there are kitchens available, either shared or private, where you can cook your own food.

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Lilandtunet Gjestgiveri (Lilandtunet Inn)

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Lilandtunet Gjestgiveri (Lilandtunet Inn)

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