Liodden Camping
Liodden Camping
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The nature itself has so to speak picked Liodden for a camping site, idyllic and undisturbed on a promontory in Hallingdalselva. The place is appealing for all ages, with the nature as its closest neighbour. 

- Location: By RV. 7 about 140 km from Oslo, and about 300 km from Bergen. 7 km south of Nesbyen in Hallingdal.
- The camping has 8 cabins and about 100 spots for caravans, motorhomes or tents.
- Free Wi-Fi.
- Possibility for power/electricity connection.
- The closest town is Nesbyen, 7 km towards Bergen. Known among other things as the warmest place in Norway.

The cabins
There are 8 cabins, all alike, with 5 beds each. They have a double bed and 3 bunk beds. There is a mini-kitchen with hotplates, fridge and cold water in all the cabins. There are no showers or toilets in the cabins, but they are not far away from the sanitary facility.

Dogs are allowed in the cabin.

At departure the cabin has to be cleaned. Alternatively you can pay 150 NOK to have it cleaned for you.

Hiking possibilities
Liodden Camping is an ideal starting point for hiking in the mountains (see "hiking area"). There are great fishing possibilities in rivers and mountain lakes. Close to mountains and great scenery on all sides! There are good conditions for bicycling with among other things marked paths through the valley. The camping is also close to Vassfaret National Park which is located between Hallingdal and Valdres.

Liodden Camping is located midway between Vassfaret Bearpark in Flå and Langedrag mountain farm and nature park. They are only 20-40 min out by car. If you love animals and nature, it's well worth the visit!

Garnås meteorite crater is only about 15 minutes by car from Liodden Camping. This special geological area is quite unique on a world wide basis, and has received considerable attention. For more information, contact Nesbyen Tourist office.

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