Lofoten War Museum
Lofoten War Museum
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Lofoten war museum is Norways largest exhibition of uniforms and small objects from Second World War. The museum shows you a balanced  picture from this dramatic period during 1940 to 1945.

The museum has many rare and never before published pictures from the war. Many of  the soldiers that joined the battle around Narvik came from Lofoten. The invaders consisted of the German/ Austrian alphunters - gebirgsjäger. These soldiers were classed as the elite specialforces and were the best trained soldiers in the world. The museum also shows the daily life of a German soldier. This task was not simple. Many of these soldiers were  very young, a lonng way from home, and the bitter cold winter and dark  nights caused them problems. Not to mention, the disiplin was without  mercy. The worlds first raid was on Lofoten on March 4 th 1941 a large troop marched on land. Among other things, was the worlds most modern factory ship for fish «MS Hamburg» destroyed and sunk. The museum has a special showroom witch displays the Lofotraid on March 4th, 1941.

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